MarketView – Data Management & Analytics Platform

Leverage Your Big Data Haystack & Create a 360° Customer View with DSI’s MarketView Data Management Platform (DMP)



MarketView combines the best features from Customer Data Platform (CDP)’s and Data Management Platform (DMP)’s in order to create a Single Customer View (SCV) that facilitates the combination of online & offline data & metrics, external platform integration to continuously unify previously siloed datasets, actionable business intelligence & data analytics, data-driven segmentation & campaign creation, custom segment export for data activation and more…


Campaign Management
The platform’s MV Manager module allows for the creation of even the most complex multi-segment campaign, all using point-and-click or drag-and-drop functionality. The nature of MarketView allows for the creation of “train-of-thought” queries based on any element(s) attached to the records on your file, eliminating the limitations of other platforms that only allow for pre-specified R/F/M or other buyer segments.

The ease, versatility and speed of MarketView Manager’s functionality allows you to become a more nimble, responsive marketer and provides the freedom to target your database the way you want. Schedule a Demo to see how…

Data Analytics & Reporting
The platform’s MV Analytics module facilitates the full spectrum of business intelligence and data analysis requirements. Users can analyze numerous element, campaign and response metrics in order to gain insights, inform future campaign methodologies and much more.

MV Analytics also contains an advanced reporting suite which includes comprehensive options for Channel, R/F/M, LTV, ROI and additional reporting. Moreover, DSI regularly works with clients to create custom reports based on specific business needs. The MarketView reporting suite offers the ability to create and download both numerical and graphical report renderings, useful for executive presentations.

Creation of a 360º Customer View
Ingrained within the usage of any Data Management Platform is the marketers desire to create a true 360° view of all cross-organizational data records within a single platform. Leveraging our benchmark Data Management Services, DSI specializes in breaking down Data Silos and combining multi-sourced databases into a clean, standardized Master Data Warehouse that can be accessed via and fully leveraged by MarketView.

Custom Data Segment Creation & Exporting
MarketView makes it easy for users to gain data-driven insights that inform marketing campaign decision-making from their database. Users can then easily create and export customized data/campaign segments, with user-determined formatting and element inclusion, to meet any purpose, such as:

  • Data export for internal organizational/departmental data analysis projects.
  • Output for usage within outbound marketing campaigns (direct mail, email, telemarketing, etc.)
  • Export and push into DSPs, SSPs, social custom audience and other digital advertising tools to inform ad buying decisions.
  • and More…

NoSQL Database – Your organization cannot gain the type of responsive data-driven insights it needs if all tasks need to flow through your IT department. With MarketView’s point-and-click, drag-and-drop functionality, requiring zero programming, marketing, sales and other departments can easily and autonomously gain the insights they need. Learn more about NoSQL Database Benefits.

Plays Well With Others – Because any DMP is only as good as the completeness of the data within, MarketView easily integrates via API or other communicative functionality with third party applications, platforms and other sources of data. For CRM users Why Your CRM Needs MarketView is a great read!

Data Onboarding & Updating – Data Services, Inc. handles 100% of client data onboarding meaning no third party integration partners are required. For most clients, automated updates are facilitated. Meaning your data is always fresh.

Global Data Compatibility – While many platforms struggle to maintain international data structures and special characters, MarketView has no issue in handling the nuances of global contact data and elements. Furthermore, our international address hygiene services cover 240 countries and territories, ensuring your global contact records are properly standardized, correct and validated.


IMPLEMENTING DATA MANAGEMENT BEST PRACTICES – Learn How Data Services, Inc. crafted a custom marketing data management plan for a Financial Services Information Publisher involving their large hybrid B2B/B2C, multi-sourced data assets, which leveraged a mix of DSI’s marketing platform technology along with data quality and database building/maintenance solutions. Furthermore, we’ll delve into how each step involved following documented data management best practices to ensure client success.


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